Price Range: from N15,000,000 to N1,500,000,000
Size Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
Other Features


Online Application

We regularly announce open roles here, our LinkedIn or on our Instagram. Most of the time, we review applications on a rolling bases, so ensure you are following us on these platforms to be the first to see our open roles.

When you submit your application. Our HR team carefully looks through your application (CV/Portfolio/cover letter) to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for the role after which a select number is shortlisted.

Tip: Ensure your CV is tailored to the role you are applying for and if possible, add links to what you have done before that is like the

Screening Call

Our screening calls are the first opportunity you must put a voice to your application. The 30 Minutes engagement with a member of our recruiting team is aimed at understanding you better and ensuring that you meet basic culture fit requirements. 

We also use this opportunity to understand what your expectations are and ensure that the role is the right one for you. Sometimes you can meet the culture fit threshold but not a role fit, at which point the recruiter may recommend you for another role. You will also discuss some base issues like non-compete (if it applies to you), availability and salary expectations.

Tip: Be yourself and understand your CV. Read about our company and understand what makes us tick.

Technical Interview/Accessment

Congratulations! We think you will be an amazing team member. This stage is mainly to ensure that your skill set matches the role.

What forms a technical interview varies on whether you are applying for a commercial, professional or operational role.

For example, if you are applying to be a commercial staff, we will likely want to test that you can spot good houses for sale/rent. The hiring team will communicate what specific assessment you will need to pass for your role.

Tip: be sure you understand the assessment questions and seek clarifications if possible. Ensure you communicate potential challenges that could affect your performance ahead of time

In person Interviews

Glad you made it here! We think you are awesome, and you have also proven to have the right skills set. At this stage of the interview we get to review your performance from stage 1-3. You will also get to meet one or two (if you are lucky) of our directors or Senior team members to discuss your personal career goals within the company. We will also ask you situational based questions (e.g: tell me about a time when…).

Tip: be yourself and showcase how the role you are applying for tallies with your career goals. (We want to be sure that you are making the right decision by joining us. Your awesomeness could be better suited somewhere else

After the Interview

Expect to hear back from recruitment within 72 hours following your final interview. If you don’t, feel free to give us a nudge.